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TWIN FLAMEEEEES :D 12.06.17 Forecast

So it’s 12.06.17 and Twin Flames,it seems like you all are coming slowly to complete synchronization. 

The Feminine had a horrible situation in past where she had to take a decision regarding letting something go. It can be the karmic relationship or maybe something do with your career. However you finally took a decision for your intuitive power but you had no hope to hold onto. You have finally sacrificed and accepted dearly the Masculine as the gift of God. While the Masculine seems to have fought out the difficulties and you are on the other hand a strength because you have ensured you hold them strongly even if they are falling apart. And the outcome is The Hierophant or the union.

The Divine Masculine has also gone through series of downfalls and chose to become the hermit of silence owing to conflicting thoughts. He felt betrayed and heartbroken but the divine feminine with her uncontrollable quest for him ensured to make him feel good and important . In the process of being the chaser and the runner. Then the masculine is made to think because he is realising that this woman is not kidding. And in the outcome we have 4 of Wands:Prosperity, Peace ,Harmony, Unexpected Good Fortune. Yes dear TWIN FLAMES,the ascension that began in 2008 completed the 9 years span today. 9 is the pathway number. Your vibrations are profound. I love the proficiency in everything honest and crystal clear.

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12.06.17 TWIN FLAME Energy Vibes.

Does anything prevalent come to your mind that happened this year and also 2008?Please check this link then
Hello Twin Flame family . For today and for everyday I’ve a certain things to share with you which will help you in your twin flame journey . 💝

First and foremost this phase is eccentric, electrifying and there’s a mutual understanding growing altogether.

Don’t rely on what has happened in the past.

Follow your intuitions and go along with this fear.

You are mentally prepared of no outcome but you are going with the flow. If not there’s no other way out .

You are calm and composed now . You are feeling the positivity but are scared at the same time of the worst . In short you are mentally prepared to not blame anyone even if you again fall on your face. 

However you are positive. In the sense you have faith in the Almighty and you are true to yourself.

You are mentally prepared that if not the twin flame then nobody.

A lot of you are feeling lost and dejected . You don’t know what is really wrong with you. However you are persistent at not paying heed to your thoughts too.

There are series of signals that nature is providing you with. You are understanding signals and considering them as things that suddenly remind you of your twin in case you’re not really into spirituality (yet).

You are imagining a beautiful scenario of togetherness each time you feel disoriented.

You can’t quite sleep because it’s more important you think to heal yourself completely because you see no other link that is distracting the reunion.

You are in short confused at this moment. Doesn’t it feel good to feel lively after ages ?

There’s no need to listen to what others say ,follow your heart with your truest desires.If you going through a similar phase,keep your calm ,the three of cups will not let you down. 💝💝

Reading for 04.06.17: TWIN FLAMES

TWIN FLAMES: Your reading for THE day.When I say it. I mean it. 03.06.17

  • twinflamepropelFirst and foremost I woke up and read a Facebook post which said that the meanest friends you have are all trying to do the best for you. 
    I shared then deleted the post because I didn’t want to call them mean ?
    No they’re not actually mean but they are all very good people with the best interest in their heart to help you outgrow from the repressed illusions. 
    Well today is a very special day and in fact everyday is. But this day has a special signal to impose . 
    Here are the two cards of Truth for the day and perhaps for eternity. 
    Since this is the reality ❤ 
    The World : It assures success .
    VII of Cups: But you need to make the movement.
    All of you , who are not connected to their twins yet,try finding the source why you all united. 
    Of course you love your twin , therefore comes the trust.
    Have the best faith in your stars ,your guardian angel , the universe,THE GOD that resides in you. 
    Wake up , they’re not running and you are not chasing . You are trying to find out what you can do to make the world a better place and hence create . 
    The union is not just about love. Love is just a catalyst . Love is there . Hence you’re feeling it. 
    Now expand your thoughts and try to know why you united and how you two together and make this world a better place. 
    How you can contribute to lessen the grief that are unreal and illusionary . 
    What is permanent is your virtue with which you will be creating the BIG PICTURE. You just forgot to notice : THE WORLD..
    #twinflames #union #aftermath #wrathsandtyrants#global #awakening #creation #togetherness#bigpicture
    Love yourself more and they will feel that . 
    You can create magic but nobody can assure you that unless you realise what your virtues are and what really you are very capable of.
  • I copy pasted from my Instagram reading ,these came in  . I don’t feel like deleting them either.  There must be some reason to those links to . You know what that is? It’s a way to appreciate others unreasonably. ❤


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TWIN FLAMES: Reading for June 02,2017.

Daily reading for today : Twin Flames

So it’s June 2nd ,the Friday and Twin Flames ,here is your daily reading as usual. 

Divine Feminine :

Queen of Pentacles: Hello divine feminine it looks like you feel secure and hopeful this morning.  I sense some good news coming on your way which you have long hoped for 

The Sun : It again has light to throw on your path of success , finally granting you a  fortunate outcome.

Page of Cups : It’s time for the healing and improvement. I see a lot of you are going through the healing process or getting awakened. This will be a good day to meditate and clear the blocks.

Divine Masculine 

Death reversed: The death in reverse is not only an ending to your mental conflicts but also often act as the external inertia accelerating to the outcome for an equal and opposite reaction based on your recent activities. 

Ace of wands : This has to do a lot with creation and proceeding with your invention , a beginning that you have long halted. 

X of wands : It’s time for the loss of your ego and to stop holding onto to grudges . You know everything is falling back in place and things are getting really clear but then again you love holding onto your ego of course.

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Daily Reading:Twin Flames by Chirasree

Wow Twin Flames. What a DAY! 

Reading for 01.06.17.
Divine Feminine:
IV of Swords: I understand the pain and anxiety you all have been going through. While at one point you are wondering to let go of everything but you can’t help wishing for the magic to occur.
The Lovers: Don’t we all know what this card has to say. I can understand the reason of the broad smile across your face right now.
The Sun: It always brings light to your path after the darkness vanished. It’s time to feel fresh and rejoiced. I think you already are in harmony with yourself.
Divine Masculine:
II of Wands Reversed: You have a constant fear and anxiety. You excited and also scared at the same time. However you know it all that something is fishy.
VI of Cups: Either through a dream or energy oozing out due to the current planetary retrograde caused you to accept the truth. You are slowly understanding everything but you want to be utterly dishonest to your emotions .
The Magician : is a diplomat that cast it’s spell and also manipulate you. It’s time you accept the truth or you will be exposed to it,anyway . The time has arrived . Focus on your happiness and let the ego burn down to ashes. It has to anyway, sooner or later.
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You can’t leave me because we have a child !

The subjugation of the role of a woman definitely is prevalent throughout the world. It’s not about a country, caste,creed but always about the gender . It’s the gender biased society which has been responsible to some extent why today a lot of twins and soulmates are suffering . A lot of us choose to resort to what the society demands for but twins have a fire. Sooner or later,they burst out . Since no matter how horrendous the society is ,what is meant to be will be.

Check this link out ,it might resonate with a lot of you,maybe a cause of the blood curdling moment to bring the change which is a necessity.


Twin Flame Daily Forecast

Hello Twin Flames out there 

This is Chirasree from Kolkata, presenting to you ,your daily Feminine and Masculine Energy for 31.05.2017. 

I believe the best thing about the twin flame process is undergoing a boost in the intuitive pathway. The art of intuitions and learning to combat with the predictable law of nature,makes us stronger every passing day. 

The cards for the divine feminine are: 

Queen of Pentacles: The energy I’m being influenced by convinces me about the presence of this card for the compassion and gratitude we have developed for ourself. We are aware of the divine masculine but we’re also now bothered about our own integrity, magnificence, generosity. We’re accepting the dark truth we have avoided to accept for years. We are working on our flaws for a more liberal and secure future .
The Star: The bright star is always about hope and brighter prospects. However the stars are the light angels who guide us out of miserable situations. The star is an indication that no matter how difficult the path is,the stars will twinkle to have the carving out of the path done for you for the best. So as I personally believe, the stars will fall apart,the oceans will cry to unite the two of you when everything is alright .
The Hierophant :”The man to whom the Querent has recourse.” 

From today’s energy what I feel is,your guardian angel has listened to your prayers. While you have began to scribble out a life for yourself and started to love your life,the angel smiles in pride. The angel has finally succeeded to make you realise your true worth and is extremely happy that you have understood that best way to lead a life is to do your work without the expectation of any reward in return .

Now for the divine Masculine. 

Here are the three cards,I have. 
Justice: While there are a lot of things that are keeping you busy but you have not been doing any justice to yourself. You have been busy and financial or career related issues have kept you so preoccupied that you didn’t quite realise if you have exhibited the righteousness towards every phase of your life. You know you haven’t and it’s time to bring in Justice.
The Five of Swords: Whatsoever happened in the past is long gone and it’s time to let go of everything that is over and start afresh. It is also necessary to do self justice  and not preserve the impact caused for the attack made  deliberately to persuade you against the course of situation. 
The Empress (reversed):  While the Empress brings fruitfulness after a course of action,an initiative ,in reverse it often deals with unraveling of involved matters ,throws light on the truth . From the vibes ,I’m getting, a lot of you are trying to avoid the truth and are also running away from self justice at the cost of past destructive outcomes.  However it’s time to understand the reality and do good for your own benefit. It’s high time you realise everything happens for a reason.

My overall message is : Do your work,expect nothing but never stop desiring. The desires are far more inspiring than lores of love tales.

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